Guild Name: FourStar
Server: 2.[布馬伺服器]

Level Requirement: None
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

Our guild is here for all players of the world. Although mostly English, we want to be as diverse as possible. If you wish to join, please fill out the form below. By joining, you agree that you have read the rules, agree to follow them.

While on the PvP platform, DO NOT kill anyone: you do not know or did not request it. DO kill anyone if they killed you first, as you see fit.

All players must reach, at least, level 33 within 30 days of joining.

Remain active. You are required to be online at least once a week to retain membership. If you are going away for more than this, simply mail me, one of the Jr. Masters in game, OR PM me on here.

Have fun. Remember that this is not a second job; this is a game, should be treated as such. Our guild thrives on humility. Don't mistreat others; be kind to all players and, above all else, just enjoy the game.

Join Guild
If you'd like to join this guild, provide any information about you or your character that a guild recruiter may need to know in the form below (make sure you read the above info for any information on how the guild wishes to recieve requests).

If you're already a member of this guild in-game, this form can be used to request access into the guild's private forums.