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JoeyJoeJo (April 22nd, 2012):
Hey there. i know your the most bugged person on this website but i wanted to ask u if there is a way to change my username here on dbocom, thanks

fighter14 (April 22nd, 2012):
how to start playing

trunks23 (April 22nd, 2012):
i downloaded it and made an account and all that but when i get on it then enter my account and in Japanese/Korean it say something i cant read it right i don't know why(i say that because i am Japanese) And it's in red and yellow color

majinvegeta76 (April 21st, 2012):
Citrinate, how do i get dbo on macintosh? :(

Demise (April 20th, 2012):
Citrinate, how do I even get started? Wasabii won't let me get past step 1. All it does is refresh the page when I try to advance to step 2. Then, someone referred me to Net Marble.. and its wanting my social security number just to register. I'm not wanting to give out that information, but I heard you can use a different type of social without it being fraudulent. Could you clue me in please?

Dycfer (April 19th, 2012):

moderators haven't taken care of this thread yet. please attend to it.

Kahotep (April 19th, 2012):
I just started playing the TW version, yet after searching the post I found out the Open Beta for TW started last year in June. With that being said, is the version Im currently playing still the Open Beta... Also does that mean that once the beta is over I will lose my character and all the work I've done on it?? Please help me because I am extremely confused.

joshcarter16 (April 17th, 2012):
i can't get the english patch to work i'd tried everything

mjsamedi14 (April 17th, 2012):
how do i report some one on dbo

mallasi (April 17th, 2012):
Hi guys i have got a problem when i want to start dbo...
the problem is when i press on the "START" i wait a while then the the game give me a some korean or chinese words then i press on the ok
after that the game start to connect to network ... i think
after that the game again give me a message that message contain one option when i press on that option the game shutdown ...
what should i do to the game works.....THNX

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