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Scream4Victory (January 6th, 2013):
Dear Citrinate . Can i have acces to the tool? Im Half Korean Half english , Though my Korean is better , And a friend of mine in Korean version asked if i could help , He said to ask you if i can have acces to the tool,So can i have acces to the tool?

Mansur (January 6th, 2013):
Hello, I'd like to help with the translation. Let me know how can i help. Thanks.

Manthisbites (January 6th, 2013):
Hi Citrinate I would like to help with the Taiwanese english patch please, I want to help this along anyway I can.

SoulgunnerDM (January 6th, 2013):
hello. my name is dylan mills. i am new to this site and wanted to inform you that i would love to help my fellow fans and help patch up the game to english version. so if u would recommend it i would be more than happy to do this.

TheApollo118 (January 5th, 2013):
Oh, an i want to use the translater tool, i now a liitle bit, about the chinese, japanese, korean and taiwan calighraphy

TheApollo118 (January 5th, 2013):
Citrinate, the full patch will come out Soon? or we have to wait another year, sorry for the rude tone:)i just want the patch, Good day Thanks for your attention

jarron596 (January 5th, 2013):
hey hope your having a good day and I was wondering if I could have permission to the translater tool soo I can make the full English patch come out faster I would love to help thanks

flavienn15 (January 5th, 2013):
hello,I'd like to become a translator. I'm requesting the access to translation tool, please. It very important for me i'm level 30

Nemell123 (January 5th, 2013):
Hello, I would like to have permission to the translation tool, please.

Uchiha Madara (January 5th, 2013):

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