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MilanP619 (December 30th, 2012):
i have a problem.i downloaded tw version of dbo(torrent) and when i started the game i got this: i dont know how to solve it

Bigbomberdude (December 30th, 2012):
I use the Taiwan version of the game. Yesterday I finally got to download and path the game, but when I pressed start it says: :"Game Initialize Fail". Or something like that. Someone tell me why it won't work!

Jocer (December 30th, 2012):
idk if you've notice but, me and some friends been getting this message randomly

Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment while we are testing some functionality.

We will be back soon

have any idea why? Are you currently working on something?

stevoseelow (December 29th, 2012):
im new at this but yo i went to make an account and noticed the video u have on youtube for this is old and u need to re do it plz becus it s deffereant now and i cnt figur it out plz if u could make me and account and just send me the password and name plz dieing to play this game

mmw54 (December 29th, 2012):
How do [I] PLAY???

Luxrush (December 29th, 2012):
how do i level up faster

josh3232 (December 28th, 2012):
hi i was wondering if i can get permission for the english tool patch thank you

ODSTxGundam (December 28th, 2012):
level 2
strength 11
focus 10
at level 38

NighNamek (December 28th, 2012):
Please help me,i got hacked and dont know how ask wassabi for help :( Pleasee help :((

zanku16 (December 27th, 2012):
i wanted to ask if i may have permission to use the tool, also one more thing. When i click on the launcher of DBO it says Wrong Service Information ???

There are two launchers, one called DBO which gives me that message and a other named DBO launcher but when i click on it nothing happens, so what should i do?

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