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Rashad6693 (December 26th, 2012):
can i have english patch tool

Kalpona (December 26th, 2012):
I want English patch tools !

ANIRUDH (December 23rd, 2012):
i wanted to get solution from my guild mates , so i posted on guild forums.
it dont matter.

Jaxill (December 22nd, 2012):
There's a League Of Legends Icon trend going around. You should join in you havent changed your avi in years.

Vegko (December 22nd, 2012):
in the link please

Kishero (December 21st, 2012):
Hi Cintrinate im just wondering if i could have permission to the english
patch tools? If so, i would be really greatful.

TheRealGohan (December 21st, 2012):
Hey Citrinate how come I can't change my picture? I clicked browse, selected my photo, but nothing popped up.

nikolassj (December 21st, 2012):
Was just going trough my files on my computer and i noticed a transformation video that i have recorded for the site long ago but forgot to upload & send it to you. So yea here it is sorry for forgetting xD:

Khairul99 (December 20th, 2012):
how to unisntall the english patch

tieuquai1460 (December 20th, 2012):
hey can you help me with my error I posted earllyer that I get game crash with a ? message like in here :
So can you help me with the solutions ? Thanks for helping .

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