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Tomlanji (August 20th, 2013):
Finn! Where Are You!?

Taynak (August 8th, 2013):
hey man do you notice that a lot of the stuff untranslated is stuff like [metatag = 5][place = "100101000"]

Taynak (August 8th, 2013):
hey there,
thank you for your contributions to the community... i was doing my best at translations for quest but some of them are terrible... i have been offline for a while mainly because i was moving but i will continue to do my best...

TieDie420 (August 2nd, 2013):
Hey i wanted to know how you translated that quest you had with a majin character. i have a few people that are willing to help me with translating all of the quests but none of us can figure it out. once we figure that out we can start to translate all the quests, all together there are 37 of us and we are going to be working on all 3 races at the same time. if you could help us out you would be awesome. ive searched the forums and cant find anything on it but i saw that you translated an entire quest. i cant figure out how to find the quests in the translations.txt file or what software i need (if any) to translate the quests. please get back at me as soon as you can, thanks in advance

Scoover (May 17th, 2013):
that not it that is when vegeta brother comes to earth for his help

Goku2113 (May 11th, 2013):

RethAldren (May 10th, 2013):
.hack. Nice.

Sianth (May 10th, 2013):

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