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Citrinate January 12th, 2010 03:36 PM

How to Gain Access to the Korean Forum
The reason the Korean Version Discussion forum is currently private is because of the non-trivialness of creating the account needed to gain access to the Korean version of the game and the amount of people wanting to play the game. When you've been given access, you will be able to post in the Korean version forum normally.

If you can play the Korean version of the game and cannot post in the forum: let me know in a private message that meets the below requirements. It might take me a while to give you access, but it should never take longer than 24 hours.

In the private message you must provide a screenshot of your in-game character with your username on this site typed into your chatbox (even if it's the same as your in-game character's name).

If you have an account, but are still patching the game (or for whatever reason you can't get in-game) you may instead send a screenshot of the launcher over top of the DBOCOM homepage while you are logged in (your username on the top right corner must be visible).

Examples of the only types of images that I will accept
Click here to learn how to take and upload a screenshot

Any threads specific to the Korean version of the game posted outside of the Korean forum will either be moved there or deleted.

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