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October 31st, 2010
Yeah, I had a feeling that was what mummy meant. There was a character earlier in the series named "Miira-kun," which was translated as something like "Mummy Man" by VIZ. Here's to hoping we can get some translations for the next page.
November 1st, 2010
Story translated by Suzaku alias Amaranth Sparrow from Daizex:

The Next Generation of Champions (Age 774 ~ Age 1000)

Peace on Earth - Age 774

The greatest threat to the universe, Majin Boo, had been defeated by Goku and his allies. Earth was visited by a period of peace.
Inspired by movies about Mr. Satan, the Savior of the Earth (?), people all over the world became interested in martial arts.
The year's Tenkaichi Budokai was shaping up to be a big event.
A peaceful battle in a peaceful world...
The more time went by, the less people remembered about the heroic battles of the past. A figure was watching over them from the start. It was Kami-sama Dende.

"In this age, maybe we won't need them..."

To prevent more meaningless fighting on Earth, Dende sealed away the Dragon Balls.

"I hope this world remains peaceful. Forever and ever..."

Birth of the Majin Race - Age 774

When the battle between Majin Boo and Goku came to an end, the good Majin Boo, "Mr. Boo", remained on Earth.
Thanks to Shenlong, the memories of the evil Majin Boo were erased from the populace and he was able to live peacefully with Mr. Satan.
Mr. Boo gradually became accustomed to life on Earth, and Mr. Satan invited him to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai.
With his overwhelming power he made it through the qualifiers, all the way to the finals, where he lost to Mr. Satan...
Repeating this time and again, he helped Mr. Satan, the self-styled "World Champ", maintain his dignity. Each time, he advanced to the finals with his childish innocence and overwhelming strength. The strange charm of Mr. Boo drew the people's attention, and Mr. Boo soon found himself gaining worldwide fame.
Mr. Boo had always been extremely curious. Because of his amazing absorbing powers, he was able to remember any technique after seeing it just once. He began to understand more and more about Earth's culture and the form and function of humans with each new experience.
By the time a year had passed, Mr. Boo had changed.
Whenever he saw Earthlings in acts of passionate romance, or photographs of happy families, he felt something special in his heart.
At the time, Mr. Boo had become known as Mr. Satan's honored rival, and thanks to his innocent personality had become extremely popular, especially with young women.
Even so, Mr. Boo's heart was still not satisifed. He had reached puberty...

"Yes, I want to make hot love!" he declared.

Of course, Mr. Boo had no idea what hot love was. So, he set out to find a book in Mr. Satan's library.
He found it hidden away in the naughty gentlemen's section, a best-selling masterpiece of erotic literature. It was called "Bob and Margaret's Forbidden Games."

"Mmm, that tickles. No, don't. She'll be back soon," said Margaret. Bob forced himself...

"Bob and Margaret's Forbidden Games" had been Kame Sennin's favorite book. Even though Mr. Boo didn't know what any of it meant, he couldn't put it down. He gradually read more and more. Words couldn't express this warm, fuzzy feeling.
Then he finished the last page. His heightened emotions had finally reached their peak.

"Oooh! I want to love!" he roared.

Steam erupted intensely from the holes in his head.
And from the clouds of steam rising over Boo's head materialized another living creature!
It was the ideal girlfriend that he had invisioned.
"Bob and Margaret's Forbidden Games" had awakened his strong desire for companionship and Mr. Boo had created her with the resulting Love-Love Power. Another distinct being had sprung from Mr. Boo...
That is to say, once in the past Majin Boo had divided into an innocent Boo and a Boo that was pure evil. This time, he had been divided into a male Boo and a female Boo.

"Wow~! My girlfriend-!"

"I want to love you to! Thank you!"

A female Boo born from Mister Boo's obsession with women. Of course, Boo was a good guy. Their marriage was a joyous celebration and the two became a wonderful couple.
Some time later, they decided they wanted a baby, just like in human families. They turned to their hot love guide. Once again, they read the classic book, "Bob and Margaret's Forbidden Games."

"Hey, see, when they rub together, a baby pops out!"

"Yeah, if I rub like this... and you..."

Boo and his lovely wife rubbed together, mushing various body parts together and rolling them into doughy balls.

"Now, we can use our Love-Love Power to make our baby-!"


Intense light poured out of the two Boos! And then the many Boo balls were transformed and took the shape of baby Boos.
They clumsily held hands and fiddled around, concluding their Love-Love.
Thus the "Majin" race was born on Earth. Their children lead to another generation and so on, each time increasing the population of the Majin race.
With it, Boo's overwhelming power dispersed and gradually grew weaker. The potential for great strength is said to remain within the bloodline, but its limits are unknown.

Saiyan Blood - Son Goku and Vegeta

There had been only two survivors of the Saiyan homeworld. As their descendants continued from one generation to the next, their Saiyan blood slowly spread through the Earthlings, fading little by little.
Most people knew nothing about the exploits of Son Goku and Vegeta. Mr. Satan was everyone's savior, everywhere. As time went on, more and more generations overlapped one another. Awareness of the Saiyan race nearly disappeared.
However, as Gohan, Goten, and Trunks had shown, when the Saiyan race mixed with another, it had the potential to bring forth even greater power.
The Saiyans also grew stronger with each near-death experience they survived. However, with the world as peaceful as it currently was, such opportunities were rare.
However, if for some reason a situation arose in which they had to repeatedly face powerful enemies in fierce battles...
No pure-blooded Saiyans remain in the universe, but a day may come when the potential of the Saiyan blood lying dormant in Earthlings will awaken, and their immeasurable power will once again manifest.

Namekian Warning - Age 762

When Freeza destroyed the Namekian's planet, they temporarily took refuge on Earth. A year later, the migrated to New Namek.
They forged a new way of life on their new world. They planted ajissa trees and built houses. They didn't consume more than they needed. Before long, the environment had become like that of the old Namek.
However, after nearly 100 years had passed, in Age 851, an incident occured on New Namek. From the void of space there was a sudden flash. An army comprised of countless troops suddenly appeared. It was group of artificial humans, like those who had once laid waste to Earth in the distant past. They began indiscriminately attacking Namekian villages.

"Why!? What's an army of guys like this... How in the world could they possibly exist...?"

The Namekians were frightened and bewildered.
Elsewhere, the man leading the army issued a demand to a group of Namekian elders.

"We only want one thing. Give Miira your Dragon Balls!"
"Miira...? No way..."

His name was Miira. Realizing something, the elders refused the demands. The Namekian warriors put up a desperate resistance.
However, the difference in their power levels was too great. Before the might of the one calling himself Miira, their attacks were useless.

"You are not willing to grant me this offering. Well then, I suppose I have no choice but to destroy this planet..."

Saying that, the man lifted his hands toward the sky.
The enemy forces began continuously sending energy to his outstretched hands. The energy slowly gathered above the head of the man who had condemmned them, forming a great mass.

"Disappear, Namekians!"

The man hurled it from his hands... an oversized Genki Dama!
New Namek was enveloped in a great flash as it exploded.
One hundred years of history forged in this new land by the Namekians. Gone in an instant.

(story continues on page 10...)

Page 10-12 of the Story in Korean by DongHyun:

Click here to see full text

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November 1st, 2010
Almost wish I hadn't read that until after page 10 was translated. Such a cliffhanger ending

Nice to finally get something concrete about why we need to wish for our transformations. Kinda strange though that they'd bring up that Saiyans increase in strength after nearing death since the Saiyan descendants no longer seem to have that ability, but I guess they didn't have all that much to talk about when it comes to the Humans.
November 1st, 2010
its good they gave a completely rational explanation for why the 3 races who should have potential all over the place are all very close to each other in power. majin power getting divided among offspring is a good way to explain why they arent totally overpowered.
November 1st, 2010
Google translation of page 10-12:
Click here to see full text
November 1st, 2010
The Saiyans also grew stronger with each near-death experience they survived. However, with the world as peaceful as it currently was, such opportunities were rare.

Maybe this is just me but they seem to be implying that the new Saya/human hybrid still has the ability to increase their power after near death. which would kinda fit with the whole Sayain theme. The power is still there it's just been gathering rust. It would also explain why you need to wish for Super Sayain. Because the current race simply isn't strong enough to obtain it on their own the way Goku and Vegeta did. Also what was this "sealing" Dende did? Did he divide up the dragon balls and their powers which is why you can find them all over now? Is that why you need to use the podium now?

Also before there was a theroy passed around that this story was a rehash of the cell saga to which I didn't agree. But this new revelation that Mira can preform Genki Damma makes me wonder something. We know Mira is a demon lord right? And for the most part in the dragon world these beings are from the netherworlds or rather spiritual worlds. Is it possible that Mira is Cells soul restored somehow restored into a new more powerful body and form?
November 1st, 2010
im sure Pilaf is immortal isnt he ?
November 1st, 2010
im sure Pilaf is immortal isnt he ?

I doubt it. If anything, he might just have a really long lifespan like Namekians.
November 1st, 2010
no i swear to god he is immortal... my memory might be playing tricks with me but didnt he wish for it with the dragonballs ?
November 1st, 2010
no i swear to god he is immortal... my memory might be playing tricks with me but didnt he wish for it with the dragonballs ?

Garlic Jr. (FILLER) wished for immortality, Pilaf's wish is to rule the world.
But the wish never was granted, because Oolong wished a pair of panties smile
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