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March 19th, 2011
why i cant copy this 울산 (NAME)?

It's been answerred before already, but I will repeat it again.
1. Copy the name
2. Paste the name in another textbox (so not the name textbox)
3. Select the name, so it the text goes blue (background blue, white text actually)
4. Drag the name into the "Name" textbox.

EDIT: Just read previous page.

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March 22nd, 2011
it wont let me pass by step 2 of creating of a account

it wont let me pass step 2 with the kssn and the name

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March 24th, 2011
i have problems in d parent verification please help me
March 24th, 2011
Hi :]

I always get stuck at the 'Parents confession' I get the following error all the time..

this is look like that :

I dont know what its meen so... =\
March 25th, 2011
hey wel i made it to Step 6
but thare i got this error 실명확인에 실패했습니다.
이름과 주민등록번호를 다시 확인해 주세요.
it meens this..
Personal Identity Verification failed.
Please check the name and social security number again.
so any tip's ore hints ?
March 28th, 2011
someone should make a step by step video :D. this is hard xD

dang i've been at this for a couple hours now. i can generate a childs KSSN but i keep getting stopped after i click the blue button. and then once i get past that i need a non-generated KSSN from an adult...sheesh this sucks xD

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March 29th, 2011
Citrinate you flippin' rock bro. It took me forever how to find it out. In fact I have a test and report due tomorrow. I guess you can see how determined I am with my education. Guys I won't comment on KSSN, but the process is dumb easy. I found out how to do it in like 58 minutes. I have an account, just need to verify it. Finding a non-generated KSSN from an adult is easy too. But unfortunately I don't believe I'm at liberty to share any of this information with you, nor do I wish to.

Now, I've downloaded the game, it won't allow me to verify it though. That seems to be my problem.

Oh and I'll repeat what Citranate said but with more emphasis. Use google FOR EVERYTHING. That is unfortunately the best hint I can give to anyone. DBZack your problem might be the fact that you’re not using a valid KSSN, which means you need to find a valid one. Try not to apply for an account too many times, as it may get you banned from the website. It’s really easy to do this; it’s even easier if you know how to find an adult KSSN, 4 step process.

Well again, thanks Citranate, you flippin’ rock bro, I’m so d*mn stocked bro ha-ha.

Oh just a heads up, a lot of your problems might be the fact that your not using a Korean font.

1.) Download the Microsoft language updates for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. You might as well get all three because it'll help you down the road. If you have at least Microsoft Vista then you should be able to check for updates through your computer. Inside should be a TON of languages in the language pack, including Korean. I think if you at least have windows vista that you should be able to open the internet explorer and go to safety which is next to tools (which you will be needing next). Open saftey and at the bottom should be windows updates. Then do the above and you should be fine.

A.) Go to the windows update section which you should know how to get to by now.

B.) Go to install updates. The Language pack is ALWAYS an optional choice. So select optional update.

C.) Install the update and wait for it to load, be patient, go ride your bike, work out for an hour or two, whatever you have to do. Then come back once its done. Sometimes language updates can act dumb. At least on my computer.

2.) Once you do that, go to tools on your internet explorer.

3.) Then proceed to internet options.

4.) When you enter into the internet options there will be a section called APPEARANCE at the bottom.

5.) There it will give you the option to change languages etc. First you want to access Fonts, and then at the top there is something called language script.

6.) You want to turn the language script to Korean, and presto that should solve most of your problems.

7.) Another suggestion that I'd make is that you go back to tools and internet options and in the appearance section there will be a section called Languages. Here you'll want to add Korean and Japanese. This will give you easier internet surfing and should save you lots of hassle.

Hope this helps you all, good luck. Stop being lazy, joing and have fun :).

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March 29th, 2011
Bro not to even sound ****y, but I'm the flippin' man, and I said FLIPPIN' my god. When I was trying to activate my account, some awesome guy just gave me his account haha. I made a pin pal too. You guys need to buck up and learn.
April 1st, 2011
hallo i need help -.-" i have problems with step 2.. i copy /paste name/kssn and i got error :(
April 2nd, 2011
When I drag the name and kssn I get this Message from webpage
만 4세 이상 만 90세 이하 고객님만 가입하실 수 있습니다.Please help!
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