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August 27th, 2013
Can you read? I said wasbai has the rights to host a server in their country. Not has rights to the game. They decide if they want to shut down their server or not. Not NTL.

haha , "Wasbai" as you call them, is a child company, is not bigger than NTL.. not even Gameguard is sponsor/help them, if they don't decide to close the server.. they are loosing money :).

This is NTL now, and this will be Wasabii in few weeks/months.

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August 27th, 2013
Taiwan just bought the rights to host a server in their country.
NTL is still going to host other games.
Wasabii has the rights if they want to shut it down or not.
NTL is going to make money from them but, NTL is going to lose money since they arent hosting a server anymore.

NTL is a company based out of Japan, they are the developers not the publishers. You are mixing up NTL with Netmarble.
August 27th, 2013
Sforza is right.
August 27th, 2013
I agree. Unless we see valid facts, I don't believe what you are writing Jocer. A TW and HK shutdown is on the menu for the future, it's almost guaranteed. KR people (the korean players mainly) won't join TW now, and closing KR version won't exactly encourage people to start fresh nor come back to either of the remaining versions. Nah, DBO is as good as dead. Let the countdown commence for the two other versions' plugs to be pulled!
Gosh I'm glad not to be / have been a casher in times like these! :-D
August 27th, 2013
They will not join TW or KH brcause TW/KH is next to close.
August 27th, 2013
August 27th, 2013
Sforza is right.

No he is not. Wasabii can host the game indefinitely, we will never see new content though if NTL is no longer developing.

People need to stop mixing up NTL with Netmarble, they are not the same company. Netmarble is no longer publishing DBO because they are now losing money and it isn't worth the investment. This announcement comes from Netmarble not NTL.

This means it is still possible NTL is still developing DBo, just unlikely. Bottom line is as long as dbo TW is making a profit it wont close, even if we don't see another update for 3 years. signs to look for include server merges, 3rd party company's removed (gameguard), extreme cash shop sales.

These all point to cutting costs and we have already seen these signs. Bottom line Just cause KR is closing doesn't effect TW or HK sale in anyway. Netmarble does not develop the game at all.
August 27th, 2013
This is the first time I've seen the KR version of a game close first. Heck, I've actually never seen the KR version of a game close, all the other ones usually closed and the KR one stayed open.

Server 1 currently. Sorry for shitty crop.

We had this discussion before. That's based on how much the server can hold. if a channel on that server can hold 100,000 people and they have 10,000 it's going to look like the bars only 10% full. If another server can hold 10,000 people and has 10,000 people the bar is going to be full. It doesn't necessarily mean there's more people. As for the other versions of the game shutting down I'd say it's almost guaranteed. I can see TW having a chance of staying open but I'd say HK is going and TW probably is too. I honestly don't think Wasabii is making a profit off of DBO anymore either, maybe TW is but still I wouldn't count on it.

Wasabii still can host it though as long as they want. It's up to them when they want to shut it down. Just because they have tons of players doesn't mean they're making more money. The more players there are, the more it actually costs to run the game (due to costs of the servers) so if they're not making enough money to compensate for that it's a stupid move financially to keep the game open.

I doubt Netmarble will give us files for a private server. If you guys want one I'd say wait until DBO HK closes. If we do manage to get the files from DBO HK then even if all the versions close we can still run DBO. We could also make it a full English version and take out all the things people don't like and add things people do like.

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August 27th, 2013
What we can and will Hope is that a new company developer buys or whatever DBO. and if there better and more famous or shit . We will prolly have more updates . LIKE weekly or even monthly . and even fix bugs make some stuff already in the game better .

Or if they go far enough Make an english version for us . HEAL da money ill spend tehre THERE I WILL CALL MY SELF CASHER YUM YUM YUM
August 27th, 2013
At moment we can only suppose servers like TW or HK close or not... There are a lot of ppl online in Tw and there are no reasons to close it, we can only wait the notice on wasabii-dbo and hope that they do not close the TW server... Is so stupid try to make predictions about the future of dbo with no news...
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