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May 25th, 2013
Hi all together,

First of all many thx for the Patch, i realy love him

My Problem since i play as Poko Priest, the game start crashing with a ??? Error random times.
TMQ in Party i was unable to enter, the game crashed after the enter sequence.

I try to uninstall the Bug Fix from the patcher and TMQ 5 works
After i uninstall the english patch the crashes stoped...

Interesting that this always happend if i play with my Poko. The other Characters dont have that crash

It would be great if anybody can help me with that problem

May 25th, 2013
Do you have the latest version of the patch? It doesn't crash for me
May 25th, 2013
Sure its the last version from the homepage
May 25th, 2013
don't have your dragon summoned when entering, summon it after you get in. that fixed my poko's problems.
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