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August 20th, 2011
The "Game Initialize Failed" Solution List

Note: This solution list can work for both versions (Korean and Taiwanese).

Note: The chance that these solutions are successful is not 100%!

When you start your launcher, and you click on the big "START" button, you get a rectangular image of DBO and Nprotect GameGuard in the middle of the screen and in the left corner of the screen the GameGuard program, which is checking, authenticating, updating, and doing other things before you actually start DBO. Some people get none of that after they clicked on "START". They get an error message which says: "Game Initialize Failed". This solution list is about trying to solve this error message, because it seems to be a little difficult for some to fully understand the solutions and to solve the whole problem. Here you can see the picture of the Dragon Ball Online error what this is about:

Below are several possible solutions you can use.

Solution 1 (Works only for Taiwan): Run the launcher as administrator.

Step 1: On your desktop, you have to right-click the icon of DBO. Then click "Run as administrator". If there isn’t an icon of DBO, read below. If there is an icon and you have successfully completed these steps, go to step 2 and skip this two sentences below.

You can also search in directory "DBO_CT_TW" (which by default is in C:\Program Files\ DBO_CT_TW) for DBOLauncher (.exe), right-click it. Then click "Run as administrator".

Step 2: As the DBO launcher starts, click on the "START" button to start DBO. If you've done these steps well, there is a chance that the game can start again, without "Game Initialize Failed"!

* Note: If solution 1 worked, you must repeat these steps every time you want to start DBO! *

Solution 2: Remove the game guard folder.

Step 1 (for Taiwan): Go to the location where you installed DBO (Default location: C:\Program Files\DBO_CT_TW), and look for the GameGuard folder. Once you find it, remove it. Now go to step 2.

Step 1 (for Korea): Go to the location where you installed DBO (Default location: C:\Netmarble), and look for the GameGuard folder. Once you find it, remove it. Now go to step 2.

* If you could not delete the folder, open it and remove all files from the folder. *

Step 2: Now, you must restart your computer. Then, start the launcher and click on the button "START". If this solution works, you shouldn't see "Game Initialize Failed" now. However, in the corner of the screen you see the GameGuard program reinstalling itself. This may take a while, but when finished, the game (hopefully) will start correctly.

Solution 3: Change the resolution of the screen and Dragon Ball Online.

Step 1: First, check your screen resolution. You don't need to change it, you just need to hold the numbers in your head. Examples from resolution are: 1280*1024, 600*800 or 1152*864. If you don't know how to do this, go to one of these sites below for a demonstration (of your own operating system):
for Windows XP
for Windows Vista
for Windows 7

Step 2: Then, start the DBO launcher. Go to options (for Taiwan: Button at the bottom of the right side. For Korea: Right button at the bottom) to see if the resolution of the game is equal to the resolution of the screen itself. If not, you have to adjust it to the correct resolution to make sure it is equal to the screen. For each type of resolution, there's a 32-bit and 16 bit choice. If the 32-Bits does not work, try the 16-Bits and vice versa. When you finish this setting, click "Apply" (left button) and close the options window. Next, click on the button to reinstall the most recent patch (for Taiwan: Top button on the right side. For Korea: Left button on the bottom). If the launcher has finished installing, close it, so do not start the game! And finally, start the Dragon Ball Online launcher again, and once you started it, click on the button "START", and hopefully DBO will start!

* If none of these possible solutions helped, try to reinstall the game. *

I hope I could help some people who had problems with Game Initialize Failed! I know these solutions were already quite familiar, but I thought it would be easier for people to find the possible solution on one post :)

* If you have any other possible solution I didn't know the existence of? Or is there anything else you want to tell or ask? You just can say it to me! *

Last edited on August 20th, 2011 at 04:12 PM.
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