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Current Korean Game Version: 1.50.46 (Released: April 29)
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Guild List

March 30th, 2010
Guilds on the 베지터 Server:

Ascension (Netmarble)
Excision (Netmarble)
Revolution (Netmarble)

Guilds on the 손오공 Server:

uNknowN (Netmarble)
ZFIGHTERS (Netmarble)

In this list, "English Speaking Guilds" refer to guilds that are made up of almost 100% English speaking players. "Foreigner Friendly Guilds" are guilds that are comprised mostly of or are run by non-English speaking players, but some of them may speak English and will also allow English speakers to join.

Clicking on the guild name will take you to the thread about that guild if you want to know how to join and the "(Netmarble)" link will take you to their page on where you can see all of the members of the guild.

If you'd like your guild to be featured on this list: start a thread in this forum for your guild. Usually I'll see the thread and add the guild to this list, but If I don't feel free to PM me. Threads are automatically locked after 30 days of inactivity, so when a guild's recruitment thread is locked it will be marked as inactive. Private Message me if you'd like to have your guild re-marked as active.

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