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April 17th, 2010
These are beginner tips for people just starting out who need to understand what dragonballs look like and how to go about hunting them. Please do not confuse these with the Tier 1 dragonballs (dragonballs obtained through quests lvl 1-20), they do not work with tier 2 dragonballs which is what this guide goes over. At lvl 20 you obtain the dragonball radar chip and it allows you to locate tier 2 dragonballs.

I. Background and Basics
II. Strategies for obtaining
III. What they look like when they drop
IV. Box locations (see strategy 3)

***For the most current effective strategies,see Strategies 1 and 2
1. Using the dragonball Radar
if you havent gotten the chip yet, this isnt gonna help you, and if you get a dragonball with out this chip, then you're a super lucky bastard, and i highly recommend the lottery to you.
Youre going to use this radar up in your minimap to find a dragonball. Its impossible to miss, its a big orange dragonball. kill the corresponding mon, if you cant find it then hit T and you will see a dragonball icon under the mobs name. Also important note that i forgot, you cannot get a dragonball from a low level mob, the mob has to be within 5 levels of you i believe. if you could get dragonballs from low level mobs, lvl 50 koreans would be ksing the **** out of every nub area, so keep that in mind. Also, the higher the level the mob, the greater chance of a drop up to 5 lvls higher than you. Also the rank of the mobs such as super, ultra, boss, increases the chances.

2. Make sure your inventory is clear
sometimes mobs call for help and you might be close to death when that dragonball drops and you dont wanna waste a moment picking it up. as soon as that monster dies, spam v until you pickup everything. then you can guarantee you got it. otherwise, like me, you will lay there dead next to the damned thing.

3. Identifying the dragonball
if you're like me and have a full inventory at all times because youre a lazy piece of ****, this part is really important. When the dragonball drops, it is NOT IN A CAPSULE. at least not the ones ive gotten. When it drops it looks like a grey silvery crystal ball type thing. and when you hover over it, it looks like a black bead. EASILLY mistaken for a crafting item when you cant read korean. Ive gotten several of these as a drop and havent picked them up because i thought they were crafting items. Take my advice and pick up everything to be safe.

Edit* finally got a ss of one dropped

Uploaded with

4. Dragonball Mob Strategy 1 *Most success so far

Firstly everyone should understand that in any given area of a map, there is a fixed number of monsters. an extra monster isnt just going to appear. in order for a dragonball monster to appear, you have to kill the other monsters so that a dragonball monster can appear in its place. this strategy actually has alot of success and dragonball mobs will spawn very quickly this way. Its especially effective if you have a tank with you to just round up huge mobs of them and kill them allowing many spaces for potential dball mobs to spawn.

5. Dragonball Mob Strategy 2***Most Success thus far
run around wildy and randomly looking for dball mobs on your radar and kill them. you may laugh at this strategy, but this is how i got all 4 of mine today.
edit: Rapidolife is lvl 35 and got all 7 dragonballs today, summoned the dragon and then got 3 more using this method

6.Dragonball Strategy 3
forgot this one, here is the link to all of the boxes
find one of the super or ultra boxes or any kind of box if you want. and kill it over and over until it spawns as a dragonball mob. Supers Ultras and Bosses have respectively higher chances of dropping dragonballs. So since a box cant fight back, its a smart way to increase your chances. Double this strategy with strategy 1 to increase your chances. just set up camp around a box killing lots of mobs.

7. Dragonball strategy 4
*Thanks Evolve* dungeons have a higher drop rate and you can get dragonballs quickly there, and lower mobs have a lower drop rate, but they still drop as long as they are within 5 levels of you. or something like that...just kill mobs your level.
UPDATE, at level 53 you gain access to the dungeon in the snow map. Go in this dungeon and kill all the dragonball supers at the front. after theyre done, leave the dungeon and reset the dungeon, and check if theres any dball mobs again, if not leave and reset again. Repeat until youre done hunting dbs.

8. Dragonball Strategy 5 Submitted by TEERASAN (non tested method)
i havent used this method, but according to TEERASAN, if you do this late at night where theres no other people it should work. run around until you find a dball mob. kill it, and then switch channels and there may be a dball mob in that same spot on other channel. again im unsure if this works or not, but hey its worth a shot right?

9. Dragonball mob superstition?
im not sure if this is just supersition, but ive most definitely gotten the most success finding dragonballs while in a party. we were no where near eachother or anything and item setting was set to looter, so it may just be superstition, but hey it doesnt hurt.

10. Commanding the dragonball(submitted by ikthareone)
Yell at the db mob in the chat and tell it to drop the ball, profanity is encouraged.

this concludes my very basic dragonball hunting guide. i hope i saved some of you from losing your balls hehe

special thanks to everyone in ZFighters, Kalamitee, SaiyanYMP,Rapidolife, Evolve,TEERASAN, and all of the random koreans i ksed.

much love


p.s if you have time, after reading this guide, if you have any success using any of these methods, post how many dragonballs you got and which method so we can determine which method is more effective


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April 17th, 2010
dungeon runs you can get like 7 in a few hours

5 levels lower is when droprate is 0%, lowers by every level.

Ive had better droprate in ch1, and in a party, and vs ultras/supers aswell.

Last edited on April 17th, 2010 at 11:04 PM.
April 17th, 2010
dungeon runs you can get like 7 in a few hours

5 levels lower is when droprate is 0%, lowers by every level.

Ive had better droprate in ch1, and in a party, and vs ultras/supers aswell.

thanks! added to the guide.
April 17th, 2010
oh yeah, the drop rate also increases by alot when you hit lvl 45
April 17th, 2010
real nice guide
April 19th, 2010
Awesome guide man :D I have 6 balls now :P and I spent the last few hours of the event searching for my 7th.....just unlucky I guess.
April 19th, 2010
I have 1.The 3 star i was a lvl 30 just running by a few mobs in the third zone and saw the cursor.Defeated the mob and got the ball(Then died.........)But hey just looking around really works.
April 20th, 2010
i got 2 bals from 5 monster. This is good guide ;) (one db from normal mob on same lvl as me, second from super for 40 lvl - i am 39 lvl).
April 20th, 2010
my technic is Change chanal after killing DB monster. U can see dragonball in last point but it work in Night(time of korea) and unseen map. ^^
April 20th, 2010
my technic is Change chanal after killing DB monster. U can see dragonball in last point but it work in Night(time of korea) and unseen map. ^^

interesting, you say that you kill dragonball monster, switch channels, and then theres a dragonball monster in the same place in the other channel? im not sure i understand, but if this is true i will add it to the guide. thanks!
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