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July 19th, 2012
A Development Diary was released yesterday outlining the upcoming zone "Papaya Island", and also mentioning that the level cap will be increased to 70 in an upcoming patch.

Papaya Island Development Diary
The development diary contains a map of the new zone, as well as some screenshots of the terrain and of its inhabitants. The Diary also seems to mention that the zone is only available to characters level 60 and above, and can be traveled to with the help of an NPC near this location.

Hot Summer Festa
The release of the update outlined in the development diary seems to be the first part of a 3 part summer event. This first event seems to begin on July 26 with the opening of the Papaya Island zone, but continues into August with what appears to be an update containing new elite monsters and then another for a new dungeon.

The second and third parts of this event currently have no details besides their titles, "핫! 썸머 이벤트" (Hot! Summer Events) and "2012 런던 이벤트" (2012 London Events).

For further information and developments concerning this series of events and updates, you should refer to this thread in our Korean forum.
July 19th, 2012
thanks for the translation.. hehehe
July 19th, 2012
The location you's a 2nd air plane near the tournament plane i recently noticed it was there. Can't wait for the patch finally something new =D anything about new skills?
July 19th, 2012
So cool ^^ Going to lvl to 60 in KR
July 19th, 2012
anything about new skills?

I didn't translate everything. I just focused on titles and sentences with numbers in them. The entire block of text that mentions level 70 though is this:

파파야 제도에 대한 설명은 이만 하고~
다음에는 어떤 소식을 가지고 용사들을 찾아갈지, 기대 많이 하라구~~

아참! 파파야 제도가 오픈되면서 새로운 퀘스트와 함께
최고 레벨 제한이 70으로 상향된다는군!!

더 강력해질 준비가 되었겠지?

용사들이 오랫동안 기다렸던 초특급 소식을 전하게 돼서
기쁜 마음을 감출 수가 없다구~~ 호호호호호호~~~~~

Which doesn't have any obvious references to new skills.
July 19th, 2012
Last few times they mentioned skils they had patch notes before release, either we will see notes a few days before update, or they just won't change the skills at all.

but i could be wrong.

But if they DO change the skills then you all know there's gonna be 4x 5 hour delays. so by all means don't expect to play.
July 19th, 2012
Maybe they adjust the back or modified skill effects or lvl requirement. cause, some jobs cant maxed their skills from now. example super high speed needle for fighters, maxed is Lv 6 at Lv 70.
July 19th, 2012
how about new tmq or dungeons?
July 19th, 2012
ohhhhh the world is expanding!!
July 19th, 2012
Awww kay and yea the Ultimate passive STR & ENG can be maxed on lvl70 (OP xD).
If they don't add more skills then its really cool because then i can finally max some offensive skill -_-
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