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April 12th, 2013
Hello, everyone. I've decided to make a Crane Hermit as I make my re-entrance into DBO. Well... The thing is... I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Looking around at the different builds people are putting together on these forums have me confused as to what stats Cranes should go for.

For instance...

20+ Focus Top
20+ Con Pants
20+ Soul Boots

This is, I think, the direction my Turtle Hermit was taking. However, with all of the builds on these forums for Crane, it doesn't seem like anyone really focuses on spiritual attacks. All of the spiritual attacks are, for the most part, left at level 1. Do Crane Hermits use a stat other than Soul, due to this? I'm fully aware that a Crane Hermit's best tool is his Damage Over Time capabilities, but is there a specific stat I should aim for that helps improve that damage?

P.S : This is the build I've decided to go with, based on the different opinions I've seen around these forums. Is it good?

For the record, I'm mostly a PvE-oriented individual, but since that part of the game seems mostly neglected by most players now, I'm very much looking into shifting over into the PvP style of play.

Moreover, what's the general strategies Crane Hermits use for PvE and PvP? I'm talking both early game and late game. I ask, because I remember having some issues on my Turtle Hermit, going from 30 to 45ish, when I first got Super Kamehameha, since I had little for defense as far as attacking skills went.
April 13th, 2013
your build is sound you need to find a point somewhere cos 1k maxes at lvl5, i would take it outta the defence rate buff

i would also max dodon rather than having it lvl5

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April 13th, 2013
I see. How useful is Hypnosis, really? I remember a while back, when the level 70 cap came and free SP resets were given out, I was told not to get Hypnosis on my Turtle Hermit by someone on the forums, because it's not very useful anymore - especially since anything that gets put to sleep gets woken up the instant it gets hit. That really only makes it useful if you can use it when in a bind, like if two enemies are coming after you at once.

If that's not much of a huge issue, I might forgo that one.
April 14th, 2013
for pve completely useless although one time it saved my life XD, sleep is very good for a crane cos you can hit dodon barrage without the target waking up and also give time to debuff and use searing crane :) i would get it.
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