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March 14th, 2011
Started now and not even know what each class does?
In this topic you will know a bit about each class.

- In Dragonball Online is possible to choose three races. Each race (whether human or majin namek) has two classes. Each class has two subclasses. That is, a very considerable number of options to your fun.
__________________________________________________ ________________


Inspired by the majority of the Z Warriors on the anime, is the race where the characters and their classes are based on techniques of the anime, and of course, other improved. The Humans Race have two classes: The Fighters and Spiritualists (where, each containing two subclasses).

Human Spiritualist: Crane Hermit

The Cranes are fighters that use a fan to release their special abilities. Known for having a greater number of skills with DOT (bleeding) and very good in both PVP (Player vs Player) and PVE (Player vs Environment). Has some skills seen in anime such as Tribeam, Dondon ray, Dondon Barrage, Freeze, etc.

Human Spiritualist: Turtle Hermit

Turtles are the owners of skills extremely strong, precise and planned. Struggle with a scepter, not always, uses his skills to release. Comprised of great buffs and debuffs, Turtle is a class very much seen in PVP and PVE as well. Owner of skills whose character was based on Krillin. Has some skills as seen in the anime: Super Kamehameha, Scatter Shot, Kienretsuzan.

Human Martial Artist: Fighter

If you like a lot of Goku or Vegeta, you'll get fine with the Fighter class. Bearer of the two most coveted skills anime: Big Bang Attack and Final Flash. They are very good at PVP, PVE and also because it contains a teleport. Widely used in dungeons, with Tayoken (skill that removes the possibility of an monster to attack you). Uses a pole in most of his attacks.

Human Martial Artist: Swordsman

Inspired by Trunks and other characters, The sword at the moment is the class that has a very good damage, but nothing that undercut other classes. Damage instantaneous and without delay: This makes a Sword. They are great in PVP and essential for the great damage in dungeons. Has a buff that along with the Guard (shift) blocks any stun, paralysis or Knock-down, but you've got to use it in most cases. Fight with a sword most of their attacks.


The Namekuseijins race, is the race of support of the game. Because they are tankers (classes that get a lot of defense, great buffs, but not both attacks) and spiritual healers (which are classes that support the game). The Namekian race has two classes: The Fighters and Spiritualists (where, each containing two subclasses).

Namekian Spiritualist: Poko Priest

As its name implies, the Pokos are Summoners of Dinosaurs that help the character in the battle. They own buffs simply brilliant, has weak attacks, but companions and powerful (usually higher level). it is not a class for PVP, it has slow attacks and not always accurate. But they are great in dungeons and tmqs, because of their buffs and their skills with little delay. Also known for having the most beautiful game skills. Uses two kinds of "ball" in each shoulder, to use their skills.

Namekian Spiritualist: Denden Healer

The Denden are Namek healers who support the game. Contain large buffs, accurate and indispensable in TMQ, dungeons etc. His healings save many people, also they have skills to revive a dead party member, EP regeneration (Mana) and LP (Life) and shields that absorb the attacks of monsters. Sometimes also good at PVP. It uses a kind of "scroll"to use his healing abilities.

Namekian Warrior: Dark Warrior

Tankers are great, they fight with claws. Great skill buffs and provocative, and considerable damage to a tanker class. They have a terrific defense, to help in both PVE and PVP. Has a stun 10 seconds and are indispensable for TMQ. It has a skill known as well: The Hellzone Grenade.

Namekian Warrior: Shadow Knight

They are also a tankers, of course. But stand out primarily for its brilliant debuffs. They have instant attacks, and may even suck his opponent's LP. It has a two skills AoE's (Area of Effect - Skills that affect a particular area of damage), and even skills that have stalled for a few seconds, however, causing extensive damage. Struggle with an axe.


Obviously based on one of the greatest villains of the saga Dragonball Z, Majin Buu. Owners of impressive AoE's and very useful buffs, the majins are the second largest breed in the game (being in first, humans). They are great in PvE (maybe even indispensable in TMQ) and PVP as well.

Mighty Majin: Ultimate

Mighty Majins, meanwhile, they stand out too much on just one skill: The Spin. Skills that make the character spin, in some area causing a great damage (ranging from 2k low level to 6k high level). But what stands out even further the Ultimates are great buffs and an even stronger spin (Fire Spin), that its damage can range from 3k to 9k depending on your items. Also has great attacks, and candy beam (a kind of paralysis, which transforms your opponent into a candy). Uses a horn/cornet[?]* in all skills.

Mighty Majin: Grand Chief

The majins GrandChief is very famous for fighting with different foods (corn, ice cream and even meat or fish sticks). Has buffs simply great and extremely friendly to all who are in the group. We also have spin, but not spin fire. However, it has two AoE's pretty strong. What differentiates GrandChief to Ultimate, is that candy beam is in area (develops into candy, several opponents at once). And it is useful in PVP and PVE as well.

Wonder Majin: Plasma

Plasmas are struggling with a drum. With their skills so contagious that are beautiful, is also a powerful class in PVP and PVE, containing paralysis, confuse, and great debuffs. They're AoE's are very strong. They are indispensable in dungeons and tmqs to have several strategic skills.

Wonder Majin: Karma

Karmas are not very different from Plasmas. Struggling with a mask, own skills pretty and instant. It has two Single-Target's Attack and AoE's attacks (not very useful). Great buffs and contains more paralysis than Plasmas. And a debuff that causes envy, which takes the ability to attack your opponent for a while.

__________________________________________________ ________________

Well, that's it. This guide was created by Gabriel on dbobr site.
I just translated to english to help new players to choose their classes XD
Hope you can understand my english haha

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March 14th, 2011
wish i saw this while i was trying to decide on my class but im still proud to be going for fighter
March 14th, 2011
Same.This guide would have helped me.Have an alt going to be a fighter :D.Might make a mighty majin.Thanks Ivan.
March 14th, 2011
WOW I thought about proposing such tutorial and here it is ! Thanks a lot.

Still I think need bit expanding. You mentioned most known skills for each class but I think you should explain bit more what type of gameplay each class represents like, for example that Mighty Majins are noob friendly, swords are strategic type of chars etc.. Just little extra info about type/style of gameplay of each class & how it that class should be played.
March 14th, 2011
How are Mighty Majin noob freindly?
March 15th, 2011
How are Mighty Majin noob freindly?

Meaning anyone can get used to their gameplay. Even that people with not that much MMO's experience.
March 15th, 2011
How are Mighty Majin noob freindly?

Well they are because all you do is spin & kill many mobs at once. Fast lvling, fast money & you can basically go into field of mobs with spin without even thinking.

People make mistake & they go for Martial Arts chars because they are human type & have many manga/anime skills etc without even knowing that they require some skill to play. You must do alot hidining if you don't want to lure monsters & use many pots. Hit & Run is best strategy. I learned it in hard way... You don't have any aoe (fighter skill doesn't really cou), protection or healing skills. It can be very frustrating sometimes especially later with bosses who have 2-3 guards. .

Mighty Majins are way easier. They can use protect buble that absorb damage, they can heal themselves & kill many at once with spin. It makes db hunt & item hunt easier too. It can't be more easier to play. Some people think it's boring but for noobs who just learning how to play DBO it's best class. Even if you don't have MMO experience you will enjoy this simple character.

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March 15th, 2011
You don't have any aoe (fighter skill doesn't really cou), protection or healing skills. It can be very frustrating sometimes especially later with bosses who have 2-3 guards.

Wrong. Fighters have Solar Flare. Which I think it's the best defensive skill on the game. You can easily solo ultras and supers with tons of guards with it.
March 17th, 2011
Human Spiritualist: Trutle Hermit

lol.... trutle
March 17th, 2011
lol.... trutle

lol poopface hehe
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