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May 10th, 2011
Before I start, there's one very important rule you should always follow: Don't Panic! Don't expect to get into the game and cruise through everything. Even if you've played all sorts of MMORPGs in your native language; going into a new game and not being able to read a single word will be strange at first, but if you follow this guide though you should get comfortable in time.

It's also very important that you have people to play with. You're not going to be meeting new people in-game easily. Luckly, DBOCOM has more English speaking players in the foreign versions of the game than anywhere else on the internet; so if you're looking for people to play with you're already at the right place.

The Basics
The User Interface
LP, EP, and RP
Scouters and Power Levels
General Quest Guide

The Basics

Create your character (very straight forward); move with the W,A,S,D keys or the mouse. You can click and drag spells from your talent tree into your spell bar and use them there. Read up on this guide for all of the other key bindings and game settings. Once you've got something you're happy with you can start to play the game.

If you want to skip the opening text or the tutorial there's a button on the bottom right that'll let you do that.

You won't be required to read Korean/Chinese, but you should at least see the Korean/Chinese characters. If all you're seeing is squares you should really do something about that. Ask Google how to install a Korean/Chinese language pack for your Operating System. Again, it's not absolutely required, but it will help you a lot during quests. For information on how to install the language pack: please read this guide.

The User Interface

Most of the UI indicating your character information is pretty basic for all MMOs. The mail icon at the top light will glow as it is in the image when you have unread mail. The circles under your RP are RP bubbles and more information on that can be found here. The circles at the bottom left hand corner are for your weapon and armor attributes. More information on weapon and armor attributes can be found here. The one on the left is the attribute for your weapon and the one on the right is the attribute for your armor.

The skill bar, much like the user information, is pretty basic (especially if you've played WoW in which it's exactly the same). You can click and drag skills or items into the skill bar and then press the key labeled with the slot to use that skill/item. You're able to have up to 3 rows on your skill bar. For the second and third row: a ^ indicates that you need to press ctrl and the key and a @ indicates that you need to press alt along with the key.

When you target another player this is what you'll see. The four diamond icon you see at the top right will give more options when clicked. In the order you see them in the image they translate to: Trade, Add as Friend, Duel, Follow, and Cancel. Depending on whether you're in a party or in a guild other options may be added so you're better off learning how to recognize which is which and not remembering them by their order.

If you're the leader of a party you'll also have the icon shown here. This lets you mark targets and displays a number above their head visible only to members of your group. You can also mark a target by holding shift and clicking on it.

LP, EP, and RP

LP and EP are simple, LP is your Life Points (0 = death) and EP is your Energy Points (what you use to cast spells). RP is similar to rage in other MMORPGs. You can increase your RP by taking/dealing damage or by Powering Up. Your RP will constantly drain.

As you gain RP you'll notice the bubbles under your RP meter start to fill up. These are known as RP bubbles and are used to add special effects onto your spells. Adding an effect will cost you 1 RP bubble. You can add an effect by holding down the button for a skill instead of just tapping it. If you hold it down for long enough a few bubbles will pop up on the bottom of the screen. Hit the corresponding number for the effect you would like to add.

The type of effect you can add depends on the skill.

Increase skill's power

Has a chance to knockdown your target

Increase effect duration

Reduce cooldown

Break through guard

Decrease casting time

Decrease EP cost

If you go into your skill tree and click the small circular icon next to a skill you can choose a default effect. When you go to boost the skill the default effect will activate without you needing to choose it. You can then unassign a default effect to a skill by clicking one of the check boxes.

Scouters and Power Levels

Your scouter will tell you a couple of things by default. When you scan a target it will tell you its power level, it will tell you if you need it for any quests, and it will tell you what kind of attacks it has. The power level is simply a mechanic to measure how dangerous something is, the higher the power level the stronger it is. Power levels are based off of all of your stats, but for stats like LP, EP, and RP it is based on your current amount of that stat and not your maximum amount of the stat.

Scouters can be improved by adding chips to them. Each scouter has a certain number of slots and a certain amount of power. Each chip will take up 1 slot and some power (indicated at the very last line of the item description). Chips may either add a new ability to your scouter or increase a stat.


Grouping with someone is simple, follow Monolith's guide on how to add friends here and after adding them as your friend click their name and then on the icon of the two people standing next to each other. This will send your friend a group invite. Note that both of you must be in the same channel to group together. A box will pop up when you receive an invite (remember: left is always accept).

The options in a group appear above the list of members in the group. The icons from left to right are options for: General Party Options, Zeni Distribution, Item Distribution, Dungeon Difficulty Settings, and Member Information. More information on these options will be added later.

General Quest Guide

The very first quest you get after completing the tutorial is to scan the NPC who gives you that quest.

Along with the Korean/Chinese text being visible your best friend for questing is the quest giver scanner chip. You'll get this chip real early in the game and should hold onto it for the entirety of your adventure. It's possible to swap this chip out for something that increases your stats and then put it back in for when you want to scan for quests.

When you put this chip into your scouter it will give you a second option allowing you to scan the area around you for any quest givers.

As for actually completing the quests: just walk to the red circle indicated on your map. Once there, there's two ways to look for your objective. If you can't see the Korean/Chinese text you'll have to scan everything. Once you scan a monster your scouter will indicate whether or not that monster is needed for a quest.

This isn't the best way to do things though as sometimes your objective will not be a monster. The suggested way is to match up the Korean/Chinese characters. Notice that some objectives listed for the quest are items dropped by a monster and not the actual monster itself. To get the name of the monster you need to kill mouse over the red circle on your map and a name should pop-up. Match this name you get here with the name of a monster/object and you'll be good to go.

Most, but not all, quests can be completed like this. Some very early quests will have objectives such as: scan a monster, mail a letter, duel another player, open a shop, fight in the arena, or identify an item. The red circle will not appear on your map for quests like these and can be skipped if you can't figure out what to do as the rewards aren't all that amazing. Some quests involve you simply talking to an NPC (the NPC will have a grey face above them) and others will have you visit a location. The most common though are the ones involving killing monsters, so the above information will be useful for the majority of your questing.

The are a number of quests that have unique requests that don't appear on the map. Here is a list of them (thanks to Sabin):
  • Scan the squirrel
  • Use teleport
  • Save your Location
  • Get a Pet
  • Scan for quests
  • Start a Duel
  • Use your Popo skill to return to your save spot.
  • Identify an "?" item
  • Send a mail
  • Create a party
  • Open a personal Shop
  • Mix an item using the ingridients given to you on the preview quest
  • Fight in a pvp match inside the arena
  • Use the mileage you just got to get a iten from the eggs machine besides the npc
  • Upgrade an item

The time leak quests can be a little tricky as well. At the end of each one you will get a new ability, but you won't have completed the quest. To complete the quest you must demonstrate that you can use the ability. For the Grandpa Gohan quest you need to use a charged up ability on him (go to here for more information), for the Ox King quest you need to use the Guard ability (press Shift), and for the Chichi quest you need to use dash (double click or press any directional key twice).


This section is for some of the other elements of the game people might have problems with but don't really fit in with any of the above categories.

Weapon and Armor Attributes
Bot Checks

Weapon and Armor Attributes

Your character has a property for his/her weapon and armor. The possibilities are:


You can raise the attribute of a weapon or piece of armor by going to any vendor and asking them to upgrade your item (it's the last choice).

In addition to giving your weapon/armor a property you'll also be boosting your weapon's/armor's stats. The text I boxed in red is the item you need to upgrade your weapon/armor and the text I boxed in green is the quantity of that item you need. To select a property you simply drag the item you need into one of the boxes corresponding to the property.

All of your items have a property which accumulates into a general property for your weapon and armor. Depending of what property you're fighting against the damage you do and the damage you take will be modified. The "Nothing" property has a -5% effect against all properties, but all other properties have a different effect against all other properties (the properties have no effect against themselves).

On each row the property in the center is the property we're looking at. The one in the light green it has a +5% effect against and the one in the darker green it has a +10% effect against. The one in the light red it has a -5% effect against and the one in the darker red it has a -10% effect against.

All monsters have only one property that acts as the property for both their weapon and their armor. When you mouse over this property it will tell you how your properties stack up against it. The first line of text shows how much damage you will do and the second line shows how much damage you will take. When you target another player it will show both of their properties. The one on the bottom is the property for their armor and the one on the top is the property for their weapon. The percentage you see is then how much damage you do against their armor and how much damage you take against their weapon.

Bot Checks

The chances of you getting a bot check increase during longer periods of play. When it happens you'll see a robot pop up on your screen and start talking to you. After a while an icon will appear on the bottom left corner of your screen.

After clicking on the icon a game will appear.

In this game there will be a scrolling string of four characters in groups of 2 separated by a symbol at the top. Your job is to click and drag the bubbles at the bottom up through the arrow into their correct position.

If you complete the check you'll get a buff that increases your attack and defense by 1% for 10 minutes. I'm not really sure what happens if you fail to complete this check, but, as it's a bot check, it's strongly recommended that you do complete it.

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May 10th, 2011
Maybe you should add a section for the 1st Dragon ball tier and The adult quest. just links redirecting to them.
May 11th, 2011
I can't play the game yet but after watching so much videos I still didn't understand the howl game.
Ty so much for this Cit!
June 14th, 2011
wait what if u have a quest and there is no red circle
June 14th, 2011
some of that stuff not in TW version yet
June 14th, 2011
Some quests require you to do simple things like use the AH or fight in ranked battle
June 18th, 2011
whats the diff from a red coloured quest to a blue one? when using the scouter to scan
July 26th, 2011
This should be stickied... I found this thread to be invaluable, thanks!
August 9th, 2011
I don't understand why this information wouldn't be stickied; it's a tremendous aid to new players. Thanks for shining a light on the obvious.

Last edited on August 10th, 2011 at 01:13 AM. Reason: Mozilla gives me preferrential treatment in regards to spelling errors. I should be so lucky.
August 25th, 2011
the one that can take forever even though it's miniscule... is the identify an item. if an item doesn't drop it will be sitting in your quest log for a while... I am just saying...a little bit OCD about quests in games.
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