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May 30th, 2011
"Dragon Ball Online" "Legends" beta less than 24 hours to attract 40 million popular official Raiders Big Secret 1-30 really easy to quickly upgrade 2011-06-16
"Dragon Ball Online" "Legends" beta less than 24 hours to attract 40 million popular
Official Raiders Big Secret 1-30 really easy to quickly upgrade

This year's most popular MMORPG masterpiece "Dragon Ball Online" recently held during the IC packaging and testing results will not only create a dazzling number of members broke through 30 million mark! "Dragon Ball Online" yesterday (15) was launched at 5 pm "Legends" full beta, with irresistible force darling of the boot server, since almost all full, beta less than 24 hours that narrow high popularity with 40 million , to seize the online game site throne Top 5! The game agents - Red Pepper yesterday (15) at the latest TV ads broadcast simultaneously, "the third, then ~ angry now! Saiyan", but also loved by the players! Celebrate the full beta, red pepper also today (16) days advanced released a comprehensive upgrade Raiders game, so all players get started quickly transformed into a Super Saiyan, is watching "Dragon Ball Online", reproduction of the classic story of immortality !

"Dragon Ball Online" yesterday (15) at the influx of a large number of players to start instant, red pepper 3 groups scheduled opening game server, in particular the additional "own", "Miriam," servers, in order to provide stable and players and improve the quality of the game the best game services to meet the needs of the player first to experience, so players can enjoy the experience of the successful login to the game "Dragon Ball Online" charm of the classic animation of the game! And yesterday (15) 9:00 pm at the influx of more players, packed with players of all races Xinshoucun, the number climbed to the peak! And since yesterday (15) days will be held to play a more "desire to achieve collection of Dragonball," "God's blessing Carey," "Tianxiadiyi Budokai" and other online activities, number of players is expected to continue rising over the weekend, 8 people at the same time challenge the goal line!

Qingyuan red pepper, general manager of Leaf, said: "" Dragon Ball Online "is a red pepper this year's most important online game works, since the agent, we very carefully invested considerable human and material resources, in addition to continuously observe the testing circumstances Korea also investigating the test experience of Taiwan and Korean players, from the VIP test, CCB to the closed test, have been content to adjust and balance the game, the most important is hope to offer the best quality of the game! in the operational and technical team's efforts , together with the full support of the original game, "Dragon Ball Online" open test on the first day set a ten results, we greatly appreciate the enthusiastic support of players, we will continue to go all out, will give players the most shocking fun game! "

Meet the "Dragon Ball Online" to become fully open beta, allows players to quickly enter the "Dragon Ball Online" in the world, red peppers in particular intimate first to open 1-30 rapid promotion secrets, allowing the player to upgrade the Great Leap Forward fast to get started!

● 1 级 至 10 level: use of tools to quickly complete the task

Scott in the "Dragon Ball Online" play a very important role, not only to help players to detect enemy's fighting strength, after the chip install the search task, the player location maps can also scan all the tasks, the player rapid access leads to and complete the task! In addition, players can use the bus to and from various locations, dramatically reducing the time to complete the task quickly enhance their own level, you can get a beginner package, and some supplies supplies for the early novice has a very big help!

● 11 级 至 20 level: access to a wealth of experience to actively challenge the value of a copy of the game currency and practical props!

When players reach level 11, players have more to enhance the combat effectiveness of the proposed copy of the player can actively challenge the field, players get a lot of experience not only the value of the currency game, there is very good opportunity to acquire a lot of props, allowing the player level fast upgrade! In addition, the red pepper intimate villages to remind players to be the best first recorded use of a stone ball, or if it is prone to be thrown back into the Xinshoucun playing, but also take a long time to run back to the origin, expensive and time-consuming it is worth the candle!

● 21 级 至 30 level: collaboration between teams to practice

When players reach level 22 can be a time machine after a copy of the proposed Daguai between players can team up, copy the challenges of mutual cooperation, not only less effective, rapid accumulation of experience points, have the opportunity to gain from the process Daguai rare random drop Game virtual treasure!

Players can also figure in the game with the original dialogue

Players can collect Pearl achieve the aspirations

Players can register for the classic Tianxiadiyi Budokai

"Dragon Ball Online" "Legends" full open beta players

Players in "Dragon Ball Online" feel of the classic original picture

================================================== =========

6 / 17 (v) 08:00-11:00 server maintenance announcements temporary 2011-06-16
Hello Dear players

"Dragon Ball Online" will be held 2011/6/17 (e) 8 am to 11 points, adjusted for system operations,
The server will be fully closed during operation, please shut down before the early players in the offline.

If the job is completed early, early start to notice in the official website.
Please forgive the inconvenience caused by the player.

"Dragon Ball Online" operations team Sincerely,

================================================== =========

6/16-6/18 continuous challenge coins to give you cash on the line 2011-06-16
Hello Dear players

Thank you for "Dragon Ball Online" enthusiastic support! To repay all the support the players, the team will launch a special operation to send cash coins on-line activities, every day logged in, you can get more gifts Oh! ! Do not miss such goodies!

Rules on a
Conditions: 2011/6/15 (c) ~ 2011/6/15 23:59 boot During his successful role in the input account password and select the game after the login.
Reward: 1 coin cash
Sent: 2011/6/16 (d) five p.m. began to be allotted to the official website WEB warehouse.

Event Rules II
Conditions: 2011/6/16 (d) ~ 2011/6/18 (f), the daily 00:00 to 23:59 has successfully entered the role of account after the login password and select the game.
1. Every day, log in, send a cash coins
2. Login consecutive days, the second day Plus Free cash coins 1.
3. Login three consecutive days, the third day Plus Free cash coins 2.
Sent: Login began to 12 noon the next day allotted to the official website WEB warehouse.
Note: The system determines whether or not log in, enter the account password from the record of the action, be sure to enter the account login every day with the action, will be recorded Oh!

For example:
Wu Xiao Tian on Thursday, Friday, Saturday has a log in the game. He could receive a (Friday) + 2 (Saturday) + 3 (Sunday), a total of six cash coins.
Victoria Little Seoul on Thursday, a sign the game on Saturday for two days, he may receive one (Friday) +1 (Sunday), a total of two cash coins.
Viewing on air on Friday, Saturday, and there is login to the game, he could receive a (Saturday) + 2 (Sunday), a total of three cash coins.

In addition, as long as the 6 / 15 (c) after booting to 6 / 18 (Sat) at 23:59 during a log record player in the 6 / 19 (Sun) sign, then we will have access to the mysterious surprise gift! ! ! ! ! !
Surprise gifts Content on 6 / 19 (day) notice published in the official website, do not miss Oh! ! !

"Dragon Ball Online" operations team Sincerely,

News 6/15

News 6/13 Afternoon

News 6/13 in the Morning

News 6/10

News 6/8

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Last edited on June 16th, 2011 at 05:57 AM. Reason: Server Name's.
May 30th, 2011
Another beta..why wont they just do open beta already, smh.
May 30th, 2011
Seems like not all of the character data will be deleted after this beta at least.
May 30th, 2011
That would be nice.
To bad we don't have any info about level cab yet...
Maybe it would be 65?
Cause the lvl 65 gm showed up.
I guess that's the level cap of the game, right?
Anyway, anyone figured out what the green button actually does?
When click it you get the weird Hello! pop-up.
Not that it rlly matters to me since I allrdy got access to the beta.

Last edited on May 30th, 2011 at 10:40 AM.
May 30th, 2011
GMs can set their level to anything, so whatever they set it to has no real meaning. There will be a content patch coming in a few months, but it's likely to only increase the max level to 60. Right now the max level is 55.

Also, they may only be talking about this purchasable item pack being transfered into the open beta. The Google translation isn't really clear about what will and won't be deleted.

Last edited on May 30th, 2011 at 10:42 AM.
May 30th, 2011
But does that mean we get new skills ore anything like that too?
Ore you just able to put more SP in your skills now?
May 30th, 2011
Yeah of course, if we were limited to level 38 before and they allow us to get to the max level now then we'll also get access to any skills and skill points in that previously inaccessible level range (39-55).
May 30th, 2011
So we have to do something to get to play in this closed beta or that we've played the 3rd cb (or any cb before this one) can enter directly? When will we know?


Last edited on May 30th, 2011 at 11:29 AM.
May 30th, 2011
Umm I noticed in he thread Cit made it said July 2nd instead of June 2nd, the 4th CB is Junes 2nd right?
May 30th, 2011
Umm I noticed in he thread Cit made it said July 2nd instead of June 2nd, the 4th CB is Junes 2nd right?

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