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Ask Popo!!!
Returns you to your Popo Stone
Charged Masenko
145 Spiritual Damage (+50% from behind)
167% Spiritual Damage (+50% from behind)
Charging Fist
74 Physical Damage
Counter Attack
Counter your target after guarding a skill
High speed, short ranged dash in any direction
Draconic Curse
Reduces Spiritual Defense by 396
Reduces Physical Defense by 396
Draconic Defense
Increases Defense Rate by 54
Increases chance to block knockdown by 10%
Draconic Force
Increases Max LP by 254
Increases LP regeneration by 10
Draconic Overpowering
Stuns target
Draconic Protection
Increases Physical Defense by 14
Increases Max LP by 342
Draconic Resistance
Increases Resistance by 10
Increases chance to block knockdown by 5%
Draconic Righteousness
Increases Spiritual Defense by 18
Increases Spiritual Damage by 6%
Draconic Roar
Reduces Hit rate by 94
Draconic Spirit
Increases Constitution by 6
Increases Energy by 6
Draconic Taunt
Provokes target
Dragon King's Constitution
Increases Constitution by 25%
Dragon King's Dexterity
Increases Dexterity by 25%
Dragon King's Energy
Increases Energy by 25%
Dragon King's Focus
Increases Focus by 25%
Dragon King's Soul
Increases Soul by 25%
Dragon King's Strength
Increases Strength by 25%
Grants the ability to fly
Giant Ground Explosion
356 Spiritual Damage
224% Spiritual Damage
Giant Ground Wave
330% Physical Damage
Reduces Speed by 50%
Great Namek
Transform into a Great Namek
Blocks incoming attacks
Increase Defense
Increases Physical Defense by 68
Increase LP
Increases Max LP by 124
Increases Attack Power and Speed, but constantly drains EP and LP
70 Spiritual Damage
61% Spiritual Damage
Mouth Energy Wave
33 Spiritual Damage
40% Spiritual Damage
Mystic Attack
Pulls target to you
Stuns target
Power Up
Accumulate RP while casting
Pummeling Fist
85 Physical Damage
30% Physical Damage
Sharp Furious Fists
32 Physical Damage
53% Physical Damage
Special Beam Cannon
337 Spiritual Damage
264% Spiritual Damage
Unleash the Dragon!!!
1500 Damage