Guild Name: SuperKaioken
Server: 1.[孫悟飯(爺爺)伺服器]

Level Requirement: 45 - 70
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

* We accept lvl 45-70 in the guild and active people.
* We also need active members in the guild.
* We can allow rude words but never too much swearing.
* Help those who need help if I am not online.
* No hacking people.
What we do
* We help people lvl up do quests.
* We do TMQ's, UD's, Dungeons, CC Dungeons,Budokai Mudosa (We are Mudosa Kings).
* We teach people to increase their LP with good armor.
* We make people rich, we teach them to be rich we tell them what to sell.
* We do DB Hunt DB Scramble.
* We find dojos to capture if it is weak enough.
* We take turns using Jr.
* We make alts for budokai OR more reasons.
What we are
* We are active always, we will help you when you need help we are strong.
* We are the Mudosa Kings.
* We are good at making zeni.
* We are helpful to the ones who need help.
* We are a powerful guild.
Guilds in our way
* StormRiderz
* RisingDragon
Who to /w ingame OR mail to join SuperKaioken
* VegitoSSJ4(Leader)
* SynGohan(Jr)
* VidelSatan (Jr)
* SynX (Jr)
* (no one yet) (Jr)

What we like doing
* We like doing Mudosa
* We like doing TMQ's
* We like doing UD's
* We like doing Dungeons
* We like doing CC Dungeons
* We like farming items
* We like demolishing evil guilds (Like the ones who were evil ^^)
* We like making alts
* We like teaching people to make money faster than mudosa
* We like getting free skill reset books to correct our mistakes
* We like annoying scammers
* We like grinding for dragon balls
* We like getting TMQ CON (LP) armors
* We like getting Critical Chance weapons
* We like doing budokai, the best thing ever to farm senzu beans win auras.
* We like selling stuff for zeni.
* We like to farm for U58+ stones green and violet.
Photos (more coming soon)
* On March 4th 2012

* On May 26th 2013

* On May 26th 2013

* On May 27th 2013


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