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Hurricane (June 19th, 2011):
want to join my madness one more time? lol

Hurricane (June 19th, 2011):
you got a guild yet?

Hurricane (June 19th, 2011):
you get in the game yet? lol

GokanTheSaiyan (June 18th, 2011):
hi. :P

TheInfamous (June 18th, 2011):
Of course not :). If you're bored of Bulma it means you hate the majority of people there, which means you're one of us.

TheInfamous (June 17th, 2011):
As will I Tykian Tyki tyk :D.

TheInfamous (June 17th, 2011):
Ahhh, yea I'm not in Bulma. The reason I originally quit was because of the kiddies. So now I get a fresh start with a small group of friends and I hope to work from there.

TheInfamous (June 17th, 2011):
Hmmm that's weird I set it up pretty easily.

TheInfamous (June 17th, 2011):
Haha its been good mate. I've been chillen around and getting in game once and a while. The TW version came out so everyones playing that.

TheInfamous (November 14th, 2010):
The guild drama doesn't happen because ZLegends doesn't exist anymore, lol.

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