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Crafty (March 11th, 2013):
Hey, how's it going? Haven't seen you online for a while.

Kei X (February 13th, 2013):
I wanted to know which is better in terms of fun, and karma or plasma

Citrinate (January 31st, 2013):
When you submit location name translations, please remember to add the semicolons. The game relies on them being there, and you often seem to forget the one at the end.

You don't need to fix anything you already submitted; I'll add them in when I review them.

xandemerc (January 17th, 2013):
But u dont know if we can craft these itens?
X and Y LP/EP pots? Cuz we need so many pots hahaha and this are so expensive...

xandemerc (January 17th, 2013):
Are u there?
I need ur help about craft itens WP.
I already bought cowboy recipe and other repices it needs, but i dont know where can i buy some ingredients.
Can u help me?

xandemerc (January 15th, 2013):
Hi goku, can u help me about dogi cowboy create?
I already bought all recipes, but i dont know how can i craft LP and EP pots, have any recipes for this?
i think i need 630 of each pot to craft right?
I want craft 2 cowboys dogis, 1 for me and other for sale.

Arubaru (January 3rd, 2013):
Hey man I saw you post on Jocer's thread about cash points, can you explain me on pm if I need a full account for tw or anything, I'd really like to know... thanks :D

GojiraSon (December 25th, 2012):
Could you help me please?

Roli (December 17th, 2012):
I feel offended becouse you have picture from vegeta with "Goku2113" username. IMMA SUE YOU >:c

GrimReaperX85 (December 17th, 2012):
umm i was using internet explorer it wouldn't let me type nick or kssn

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