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vegeta183 (January 19th, 2013):
Heyy man, I was wondering if you still went on this site? we could use your help translating things from korean to english.

Scrancher (November 4th, 2012):
Hey Vegeta. Yeah sure, but you can't use SSJ itself before your lvl 40 though :-)

vegeta77 (October 21st, 2012):
wait , wlmaluriddle jhkgjk like that?

maluriddle (October 20th, 2012):
Lol do /w Malu

vegeta77 (October 20th, 2012):
idk how to whisper

maluriddle (October 20th, 2012):
If u want join me guild wisp to GakawA / MonsterDNA
Or if u want join other guilds just ask someone in game
There is 1 english guild but it dead
We do lot fun things
Scramble / dojos / tournament etc
And ur korean ofc so more easy

vegeta77 (October 19th, 2012):
nice. im a fan of your soccer player Robben :).

maluriddle (October 19th, 2012):
Im from netherlands im 20 years haha

vegeta77 (October 18th, 2012):
which country are you from? 안영. I am 17 years old. you?

maluriddle (October 18th, 2012):
Welcome to dbocom korean^^
Im one of the less ppl let say about 3 foreigners that still play kr version
I like very much play with koreans
Im gettin more used to language too i can hangul read
And sound
Just not all translations of it i know :)
Idk if u know me but i
Malu/ 귀여Malu in game
Lot call me also 마루 : maru / malu ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
저 in ddeainzeni guild the guild 저 promoting
Hope we can be 친구^^
Also what u age? ㅎㅎ 오빠 / 동생 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Aniway 감사 for join this site i hope u enjoy it^^

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