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JakXLT (December 17th, 2013):
Are you seriously still on this? And did you really just re-submit to me the exact same points I have already debunked?

Kid, go back, read the thread again, try to actually comprehend it and move on. I don't have the time or the patience to repeat myself.

JakXLT (December 11th, 2013):
I have dyslexic friends who have better grammar than me. Quit making excuses for yourself.

If they're bullshit, then you would have explained why they're bullshit. Instead you've resorted to throwing insults and guilt trips, that's no defense at all.

karma142 (August 28th, 2011):
LOl im not on KR im on TW but yea its fun and i gave up my turtle i like more bleed skills personally lol. Hey someone has got to post up videos of these new skills on KR like giant kamehameha i mean how big can it get after super kamehameha? LOL

karma142 (August 28th, 2011):
its cool i made a level 27 spiritualist so far almost crane ^^

karma142 (August 25th, 2011):
idk what to do should i honestly level up another character to make a crane? dont you have a character i can trade my level 37 fighter, 34 turtle or level 39 plasma majin for a crane?

SonKagou (August 18th, 2011):
yeah i bought my account from there and it was just fin etill then.but itried to buy points cash points from them i send the money by paypali looked at mailbox and nothingnop oints . nad not only this they even tried to hack my paypal but i got lucky and they failed . so if uever wanna buy cash points buy from here :)

Citrinate (August 18th, 2011):

SonKagou (August 18th, 2011):
yeah thanks i really appritiate it ^^ . ialredy knew new game way but there kind of a cheaters they tried to hacked my paypall account and for ure good i beileve u shouldnt buyfrom there!! but if uwant so much u can try.and thanks for the informariton

SonKagou (August 18th, 2011):
hello!!! my nname is on kagu and i play dbkorea version too!!! i mostly play in goku server but i have characters on vegeta server too!! and well if u dont mind and have an extra goku dogi can u give to me please?i mean its been like my dream to have one please reply to me Thanks.!

Zanro (May 29th, 2011):
alright thanks for the help i realy appreciate it

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