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Blazessj (August 23rd, 2012):
I need help getting ssj hair mod tried over and over but i fail :|

NightravenSaiyan (July 18th, 2012):
Hey dude about the aura..I can open the scr0.pak file but I can't edit it. What are you using to edit it?

Rutgerultimate (June 16th, 2012):
Its alright man, I already figured it out for myself, thanks anyway for messaging me.

Rutgerultimate (May 23rd, 2012):
Can you help me with changing the aura, because I guess gameguard blocks it when I change. I know what and how to change, but when I try to save it as the SCR0.pak it says 'Access Denied'. Already have 'Read-only' off.

2hunter95 (February 21st, 2012):
help me get lighting effect

ssjkiego (February 15th, 2012):
I can assure you that you will have those words for breakfast when USA DBO is announced. USA WILL HAPPEN!

I was told by


Those same people also said that we would get FLYING and AIR COMBAT. They have already given us 1 and announced the other in another thread. English DBO is going to happen. Just wait patiently like the rest of us.
The reason why its not here yet is because they want everything perfect for DBO USA. SSJ2, Flight, Air Combat, Gravity training, More Tmq's, Original Story.

This is all going to happen eventually.

JakXLT (January 27th, 2012):
Dude can u post in the modding thread? I gotta post a partial fix to a SSJ issue but I don't want to triple post.

Cacalli (January 25th, 2012):
What do you use to record dbo? I try and my sound is crap :P

maluriddle (January 24th, 2012):
the size of the file u sended me is 843.149
while the original is 843.150
maybe thats why
but when i delete a space then it goes 200 up

maluriddle (January 24th, 2012):
yes it crashed :(

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