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September 11th, 2013
I agree. Reflect and soul buffs are great. they allow you to deal more damage and also to heal more.
September 11th, 2013
For dungeons? I think u guys don't know anything, reflect is not needed at all because Poko barely ever deals damage, omg so what 100 soul? Reflect can't even be uswd for pvp at all if dende can't do it, reflect buff for dungeons pfff, how the hell u guys agreeing on this do u all have 0 experience in dragon clan
Here this is max heal with dende +132 SOL gear + staff, u will get max 14982, with +11 staff lvl 70 max for Poko with full sol would be 5k for single heal and 2.5k for area heal, not helpful at all waste of SP completely, u want Poko for dungeons might as well consider giant namek whić will give u very strong skills with ecrit and prop u looking at 30-40 k damage (28k damage with healer +15 staff lvl 70) and this with 0 prop, look over this again
September 11th, 2013
give the reflect buff to the tank ... im assuming thats what we are all talking about , they have the kamis splendor and kamis protection, you are better of maxing kamis protection and giving it to the tank
September 11th, 2013
Sigh, DC reflect buff isn't needed why u have it in build? U will get 1 shoted whether u like it or not, here, max reflect for Poko
Physical 15+13+13 = 41%
Fighter crit 21k, u die, he deal only 10.5k health reflect, he has 13k health, PVE wise, in CC reflect is bull shit unless for Dende class, ur reflect can never put damage at any kind
And no 21% reflect for SK is nothing like saying kraken deal extra 600-1k damage per 3 seconds, in 1 min 20k max, any good? Kraken has 3 mil health +
20k / 4 mil (3.8 mil health) u get the amount of time the damage will take to kill him in mins
Done no more reflect guys biggest waste of SP go GN is wry strong for poko
September 11th, 2013
I see... your poko is quite weak.
September 11th, 2013
Won adult budokai, weak? Now lvl 70 fully geared, just looking for reset book for pvp
September 11th, 2013
budokai 3rd place. i bet you play in server 2. go to server 1 and you'll see.
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