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August 23rd, 2013
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Hey all, I've got many questions from guild members what they should do when they reach the "End Game"
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Here's my personal ideas, I believe every class has it's own thing that can't be copied by another class.

As how most of you know, the in-game prices skyrocketing and only people with shit ton of money can afford to gear a character correctly, well I have a turtle, fighter, and a swordsman and 2 of that 3 is geared pretty well.

Let's start with making money aka the "End-Game PvE"

As how most of you know, the Cell-X and BID44 aka "Kraken dungeon" the best ways to make so much money in short time, yet I believe there's only the speed way to finish it because the in-game players rather use pathetic strategies to get some drop then use their head and learn some teamplay.

I was used to have the only FIX BID4 party which was active everyday, but sadly the team went inactive, I believe only Sharkiano play still active.

Anyway, as how most of you already heard, only a few decent classes can go to Kraken dungeon cause they have the reqied skills / attack style / edbuff / heals etc. Well I gotta tell you, it's BULLSHIT
Every class is able to get on kraken dungeon, let me explain why.
I followed some damage checking with my last party, the tank was a chinese swordsman with 27 con jacket, 26 con pants, 28 con boots, full +10 ( obviously ticket ) 2x 9 properties earings, and 2x 13 con rings from CC. I gotta tell you, his job was pretty easy, he tanked it pretty well, that made me understand I was false when I told fighters to say bye to PvE, If a swordsman can tank kraken a fighter can too, which means every class can, since humans has the lowest defense ingame.

Now you have some inspiration, let me tell you a bit about how to gear yourself for the Kraken dungeon.

If you going to tank
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If you going to heal
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If you going to speed the party
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If you going to speed the party #2
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If you going to support ( Most likely only turtle hermit allowed cause of their Turtle debuffs such as "Slow" and Attack speed shackle" )

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The prices always change but the drops usually goes around that money.

17 Dexterity : 250kk zeni
17 focus : 200kk zeni
17 CON : 200kk zeni
17 SOl and 17 STR is 30kk

17 DEX pair 60kk
17 FOC pair 150kk
17 CON pair 100kk
17 SOL and 17 STR pair 20-25kk

Legendary necklace usually goes for 150-200kk

Legendary earring minimum 300kk zeni.

hope that helped a bit, if you have any questions pllease leave it here or contact me in-game
RoliVagyokOo or Artemist.
August 23rd, 2013
Roli OPopopOPop
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