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August 24th, 2013
I have find most of the quests for dash shield charge but i cant find the flying quest where is it and how much level needed for it?
August 24th, 2013
If you had used the search function you would have found a whole guide about it .. But since you are obviously too lazy to do that ..

Just to clear things out .. Quest chain Starts at level 15 ..
it's pretty much as normal Quests like : Mob hunts , item hunts , or tracking down a person ..
Sometimes it gives a flight Scroll as a reward ..
This item has the effect of about 3 mins ..
This item usually also has a quest with it ..
once you use it you can Double tap The spacebar to fly ..
once you fly the game gives you instructions in the Boxes on the left and right ( they appear as you Use the flight scroll )
These instructions should be followed to complete the quests .. First time you use it it simply wants you to fly around
Second time .. it wants you to dash
Third time it wants you to do a prolonged version of the dash

Quest chain Picks up again at level 25
and once more you do normal quests
and Receive Flight scrolls
But to Gain actual ability to fly is in level 30 !

Requirements for Permanent Skill
You Have to Reach Level 30
And you have to Be Adult and Have Master Class

The Actual Guide
August 25th, 2013
ok thanks
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