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September 15th, 2013
Creating the application is failed. Error code [183] Tech & Account Support.

This happened to me about 15 min ago. What caused it? Well i can almost guarantee it was due to my antivirus software quarantining my dbo.exe during some random scan and the process of restoring it. Im sure there are a number of reason for why that file may become corrupt but the bottom line is theres a 100% guaranteed way to fix this.

idk why the other threads on this dont just say it. I did not find them to be very helpful. they suggested uninstalling and re-installing the game.(which would work) If you play on HK, which does not offer the torrent download option like TW, and you have to re-download everything from scratch then re-install. Pop in a movie and chillax. You arent playing tonight, your waiting to click when told. You know how to fix this?

Back up your files.

i went to my back up folder where my rar of the game folder was and i opened my rar file and extracted two files to the DBO game folder.

1. dbolauncher.exe

2. dbo.exe

(over writing the ones in there of course)

and then error 183 was no longer Ball Blockin my night.

hope this helps.
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