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ronel24 (April 5th, 2013):
i like your build its sexy im gonna try it out once i get a skill reset book

xandemerc (February 20th, 2013):
3 sec of cast time is time for any mob or player stun you and cancel your skill, so u need wait for cd of this skill and cast it again, for this i put off of my build SPC.
My combo is Energy Siege, demon wave, (if have a lot of mobs alive, i will use DP for heal my life or Whirlwind for kill they, but so many times i do hit kill in alot of mobs with Energy Siege), Next combo if im dont use DP i will use Energy Siege and DP, i never die for mobs, easy farm with dw.

xandemerc (February 20th, 2013):
after get my rewards of login event i reset my build, cuz cyclone and sharp slice is sucks...
Need see in game about confuse, but i use in bacterian and pvp.
For bacterian if u use confuse he cant crit you.
I know about Draconic Curse, but i think i never will use this.
About your build, i already tested Special Beam Cannon, is a good skill with high damage, but if u have energie siege u can kill fast and dont need more special beam cannon, this skills have a low area and high damage, but is 3 sec cast time, you need these points for others skills.

xandemerc (February 19th, 2013):
Actually my build is
But im studying about draconic curse, idk if it worth.

xandemerc (February 19th, 2013):
sure, just moment

Swordsman45 (May 5th, 2012):
Actually KR economy is better than that. U60s are as low as 500k and skill resets are only 2m. Goku dogi is around 40-50m.

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