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September 2nd, 2009
DBOCOM uses an infraction system to enforce the rules. If you break a rule, you'll be notified that you've done so, and will receive a number of infraction points. Once you've reached a certain number of points, your account will be banned from posting in the public forums. The length of the ban is as follows:
  • 3-5 points = 3 day ban
  • 6-8 points = 1 week ban
  • 9-11 points = 2 week ban
  • 12-14 points = 1 month ban
  • 15+ points = permanent ban

Serious Infractions (up to 3 infraction points that expire after 3 months):
  • Posting Rules (also applies to signatures where applicable):
    • No posting of illegal, disturbing, or adult content (up to 9 infraciton points)
    • No inflammatory posts or threads

  • Account Rules:
    • You may not use multiple accounts to avoid infractions or bans

Minor Infractions (1 infraction point that expires after 1 month; expiration date increases with active repeat infractions):
  • Posting Rules (also applies to signatures where applicable):
    • Do not post off topic or spam
    • Do not ask questions before reading the stickies and using the search feature
    • Do make sure you post your threads in the most relevant forum for your thread's topic
    • Do not use vague or misleading thread titles
    • Do not attempt to bypass word filters
    • Do not advertise or post referral links
    • All posts must be in English
    • Do not encourage others to break the rules

  • DBO-related Posting Rules (also applies to signatures where applicable):
    • Do not beg for in-game items or accounts
    • Do not attempt to buy, sell, or trade accounts or anything dealing with accounts
    • Do not attempt to buy or sell in-game items or services with an out-of-game currency
    • Do not attempt to make any offers or requests that would require an account's owner to reveal any of their account's private information or any of their own personal information
    • Do not request or promote the use of bug exploits and/or botting or hacking software
    • Do not post guild recruitment posts/threads. This includes asking for a guild to join.
    • Do not call out users for something they've done in-game

  • Account Rules:

Please also realize that a response to a rule breaking post may itself be breaking the rules. If you see someone breaking any of the above rules, please report the post and do not respond to it.

If you see a post on the forums that breaks any of these rules you can bring it to a mod's attention by clicking on the report button beneath that post:

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