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September 20th, 2009
IMPORTANT: Netmarble forces methods of authentication that foreigners cannot easily get around unless you're willing to find a Korean who will let you use their cellphone number. Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to play the Korean version, it's strongly recommended to instead play the Taiwanese version for which accounts are much easier to create and where there are more English players.

If you know someone who lives in Korea or are willing to search the internet for someone who will help you then you'll first need a Netmarble account before you get it authenticated.

1. How to create a Netmarble Account
2. How to authenticate a Netmarble Account


Creating a Netmarble Account:

First off, most of the people who are having problems creating an account are the ones who do not follow the guide correctly (or at all). If you have any problems creating an account you should re-read the guide carefully. If you're having problems finding a KSSN the only help you will get here is to search for more information on Google (if you don't know how to use Google efficiently enough to even begin searching for a KSSN on your own then you should stop reading here and give up).

It's also very important that you hold onto the name and KSSN you used to create your account as you'll need them later for many different things. And no, you cannot use a KSSN generator to generate the adult's KSSN (step 6).

Click here for a list of errors and other problems you may experience

Step 0: If you don't have it already, download the MUI language pack for your version of Internet Explorer and your version of Windows to enable Korean language support on your browser (use Google to find more information or click here). If you don't complete this step errors may occur during the account creation process.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer (no other browser will work).

Step 2: Go to Somewhere on the top right hand corner of the page there will be a form similar to the one below. Click on the text highlighted in the red box below.

Step 3: Check the check boxes and click on the blue button.

Step 4: On this page you'll need to enter the name and KSSN for the account you'll be using. An aged 12-14 KSSN can be generated (more information below), but you may also use a real KSSN that's older than 14 years old and skip directly to step 8 (as always, you will get no help with finding a real KSSN on this site). If, when entering a real KSSN on this step, you do not go directly to step 8 then you cannot use that KSSN (either the KSSN has been used already or the KSSN is too young and requires additional authentication).

IMPORTANT: Do not forget the name or KSSN you use here as you'll need them later.

If you're having trouble copying the name into the text box: line the window up next to the window where you're copying the name from (as pictured below), highlight the name, and then click and drag the name into the text box.

Click here for information on how to generate the name and KSSN

Step 5: Click the blue button.

Step 6: Enter a REAL Adult's name and KSSN, check the box, and then click the blue button. This information cannot be generated and you will get no help on how to find it on this site.

In addition, there is a required age difference of around 20 years for the KSSN you enter to be considered an adult to the child's KSSN you entered on step 4. Therefore, the KSSN you enter here should be at least 35 years of age.

Click here if you get any error messages during this step.

Step 7: Click on the first option at the top of the window, enter an e-mail address (if you don't already have one at one of the websites listed you'll need to create one), check the check box, and then click on the blue button next to where you entered your e-mail address. A message will pop-up alerting you that an e-mail has been sent, but it may take a few minutes until you actually receive it (unless the message you get is "잘못된 접근입니다." which means you typed something in wrong). The e-mail will come with a code that you must enter into the box labeled "Code" below.

You should usually recieve the e-mail within a few minutes. If you don't then you'll need to start over from the step 1.

Step 8: Enter the information as labeled below. Some information must be of a certain length as stated in the text below each box (Google translations will suffice). After you've entered information that is acceptable the text to the right of the box will turn blue (as pictured below).

For the phone number, do not fill in the boxes at the top row; instead fill in the boxes on the bottom row (you can enter random numbers here). You must also click on the blue box next to the e-mail after entering one, but you will not need to enter a code like before (you don't have to check the check box below the e-mail field either). Click the blue button when finished.

Step 9: Your account is now created. Click on the grey button. You will now need to get your account authenticated.

Handling Errors:

Below are some of the more common errors people experience. If you get a pop-up error message that isn't mentioned below: hit ctrl+c (doing this will copy all of the text in the pop-up box) and then paste the text into a translator. Don't forget this trick as it may come in handy after you've created your account.

Click here for common errors

How to authenticate a Netmarble Account:

After you've created your account go to, log in, and click on "Game Start" (this is how you start the game after you've authenticated your account). You should see this image:

Click on the blue button and enter the name and KSSN used to create your account. After that you'll have 4 more buttons. Pick the first one, check the check box, and continue. Next you'll need to enter a Korean cellphone number. After you've entered the cellphone number Netmarble will send a code to the number in a text message. You will need to enter the code into the form to verify your account.

Common places people go to find Koreans who will help them are social networking sites and language exchange chat rooms. I won't give any specific sites because telling people where to go results in those sites getting flooded with people begging for help and the regulars of that site getting annoyed. If you've gotten to this part you've proven that you know how to use Google and should be able to find a site on your own.

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September 20th, 2009
OK. I begin the process all over again, and if work... i post.
EDIT: Not work..... I don't understand.

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September 20th, 2009
I've been trying to make an account myself for about an hour now. I realize now that the guides I posted were a little out of date. If I ever do succeed maybe I'll be able to help you out a little more.

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September 20th, 2009
Thanks Citrinate.....
I still try XD
September 20th, 2009
The error I'm getting is that it's saying that the nick cannot be used after clicking the orange submit button, but it says it is available when I first type it in. I'm pretty sure my problem is that some of the korean font isn't being displayed properly (which might be what your problem is too).

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September 20th, 2009
YUP!!! I have a account!
Thanks Citrinate.....

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September 20th, 2009
After reading your first post it appears that we had the same problem. What did you change to get around it? And what browser did you use?

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September 20th, 2009
Well.... First: The SO. I have a Windows UE (XD). This SO, did not let me install languages . So, I instaled in other partition XP SP2 Original, and install language Corean.
Second: I used IE 8.

Thanks, and Grettings ^^ User.

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September 20th, 2009
Thanks for the info
September 21st, 2009
Success :D

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