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daeho_foshobro12 (July 27th, 2013):
nevermind about the previous question, I got it thanks dude :)
ok, so I'm level nine, and my scouter doesn't work.
i can't read monsters' or npcs' power, or can't even identify them.
What should i do?

daeho_foshobro12 (July 23rd, 2013):
Hey dude, I saw the post you posted on another guy's page about getting the second dragon ball. I play the Taiwanese Version, and it asks for Monster 2084A6, and it doesn't give the arrow. Help please, and why is that?

NightravenSaiyan (September 27th, 2012):

there's the l;ink to wasabii webshop

i would be using Google Chrome web browser since it automatically translates pages

Dragonball15795 (August 28th, 2012):
lol i wolud pay somone to i have saem deal im in school and dont need to get on but lolerror keeps happening so i cant lol

NightravenSaiyan (August 28th, 2012):
no I havn't. I havn't been playing either because of school. I'm still level 42 but not for long. hehehe I went the lazy ass way and payed for someone to level me up. I should be level 65 by Friday after next. lol I know it's kinda lame to have someone level up for me but I really don't have a choice since I'm barely gonna be on while I'm in school. Anyways I'll probably be on Saturdays or Sundays a little bit but that's about it

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