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Skay89 (June 11th, 2012):
Hello karma. i read a post qhere you said you know a great place for DB hunting. Could you please tell me what place is that? Because honestly I had benn searching and killing mobs with DB icons 5 or 6 levels above me, and I NEVER GOT A SINGLE BALL YET (that's why I think my game is buged or something). Anyway, any help provided will be greatly appreciated

xDarkPaladin (February 4th, 2012):
bro whats the frozen mob glitch?

MCmatias (January 13th, 2012):
spanish o english?

Zanro (November 10th, 2011):
there is quite a few (pardon my lateness reply) kamehameha larger then super but rember ones super kamehameha can = a power of anothers normal kamehameha. roshi invented a max power kamhemahea thats size is much bigger then super kamehameha but that power compares not even to one of gokus standerd kamehameha,

besides max power kamehameha the only other large one is true kamehameha the one goku used but that wouldnt be the one ingame as it takes the energy from all limbs not the spirtual ki pull in gokus stomach his reserves so to speak. but the super saiyan three power running in his arms and legs to power the true kamehameha witch is why he reverted back to normal. but after he recoverd the flow of ki into his arms and legs he was able to go ssj3 again becouse he didint use his ki pool or its reserves. and would rip a standerd super saiyans muscles to shreds if we were atempted it becouse each ssj form raises the pysical limit of a saiyan

gparga (October 7th, 2011):
hey um how do i create my character

Zanro (September 1st, 2011):
there is a video of a guy doing big kamehameha here

i noticed now super kameha has a AOE but it seems. giant kamehameha has a bigger aoe

tarble205 (August 29th, 2011):
Move on like alan said

alan100002 (August 29th, 2011):
Move on to the next step don't worry about it

Citrinate (August 29th, 2011):

Zanro (August 28th, 2011):
ah awsome keep up the work good thing about one of the updates on KR is that leveling is easyer not so much mobs to kill in quests but good exp.and once you made one charactor of certain area you get use to witch are best quests . strange thing i have 6 dragon balls been trying get my 7th past two week ends wasnt total los got to lvl 38-42 just by grinding ajnd doing some quests during the week but grinded to lvl 38-40 by trying get db

and 40-42 quests so its all good heh upgrading armour helps got me a super kamehameha it has AOE didint expect that.cant wait for lvl 48 want to get giant kamehameha

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