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Ronhell (September 7th, 2012):
i just got married saturday and it will take me like 1 more week to come back to the action. i will just log in the game and say hi to everyone in the guild this evening (in around 5-6 hours). :)

Ronhell (September 7th, 2012):
sorry for replying so late but i was offline till now due to my stupid internet!! :D

Windorf (September 6th, 2012):
Not sure how much it is. It might not even be it. But i'm like 80% sure its the one you want. And I saw it go for 300kk+

Windorf (September 4th, 2012):
Its honestly not that hard or time consuming. It only takes like 2 mins(only time taking thing is logging out and back in). But you need to be an admin on the computer(at least I think). But will help a lot. And I could help you out and get you back in the game. Oh btw they added the gogeta you wanted.

Windorf (September 4th, 2012):
Not even while you use it and then you can change it back?

Windorf (September 3rd, 2012):
Lol your chinese! JK Are you allowed to change it back? Or you will like get beat?

Windorf (September 3rd, 2012):
Why is it chinese? Do you live in china? Or did you buy your computer from there?

Windorf (September 2nd, 2012):
Did you check the x86 program files? Or just the regular program files?

Ichigo Kurosaki (September 2nd, 2012):
there aint anything in my program files oh well ill try and re-download it and see wat happens :/

Windorf (September 2nd, 2012):
Elaborate more. What do you mean it doesn't do anything? What does it do or not do?

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