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Yuhei (September 25th, 2013):
Ok I'm so sorry I just read it was closing down last hurrah everyone 46 days

Yuhei (September 25th, 2013):
OMG Everyone lol I have been away for far too long. Let's just say life decided to sneak up on me and whoop my a**. But I'm back looking forward to seeing you all back in the game and jumping back in the fold as for zenni guide as well as other guides plz give me a little bit of time and I will have everything going in the mean time feel free to seek me out in game kenshi86 or pm me

Dragonball15795 (March 29th, 2013):
hey can you do that guide on how to make zeni? i am a level 43 fighter and i would like to know

Blazessj (November 5th, 2012):
I have DBO tw back can you tell me your char mine is Blazessj6

Ramshorn (October 27th, 2012):
Thanks for the answer.

I asked because the thread was about weather you were of Goku or Vegeta's bloodline, and that got me wondering if the Saiyan descended children that got sent back threw time mated with other humans increasing the Human-Saiyan population later in time, which would possibly make every human class character blood related.

Blazessj (October 20th, 2012):
and pls send me version 1.57.29 too when you have the time.

Blazessj (October 20th, 2012):
I know whats wrong you said version 1.57.29 I have version 1.57.27 that's whats wrong!!

TheKidd (October 20th, 2012):
What server do you play ?

Blazessj (October 19th, 2012):
I got my final problem so when it patches and downloads and all that I press start it actually loads then I see the Icon but then I see this ????????????????? ??????????? I pressed right and left but it still dosent work

Blazessj (October 19th, 2012):
I DON'T KNOW HOW TO THANK YOU!!!!!!!! JUST THANK YOU SO MUCH MY NAME IS Blazessj6 im from DBO taiwan server 2 if you EVR need ANYTHING let me know dude.

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